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Web Applications

Web Application Development, Custom Web Applications

BizTech can bring you closer to your customers while improving your operational efficiency via a custom web application development supported by a expertly designed backend system. Our well educated development team is experienced in building robust and efficient server-side solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies, including MySQL, SQL Server, Java, PHP, ASP, .NET and XML. 

What can we make?

You name it. When it comes to web application development, there really is no limit to what BizTech can create for your company. We’ve been developing innovative and amazing web applications since 1995.

Here’s a small selection of advanced web applications BizTech has built for our customers:

Secure Intranets

Providing staff critical information anywhere, anytime is an important need for today’s business. BizTech has created highly secure Intranet websites which includes corporate portals, corporate networking, workforce and collaboration tools as well as secure data repositories
Migrate to Web

Migrate to Web of existing legacy applications allow organizations to deploy the potential of their existing technologies. Today it is essential to leverage web-enabled interactivity in support of existing legacy systems.  Imagine converting your entire business process to the web allowing access from anywhere in a secure environment.
Business Software Applications

Our experience in building complex business applications coupled with our proficiency in advanced web technologies allows us to offer our clients simple to complex business software solutions. We’ve designed and developed customer service, inventory, supply chain management, and procurement systems from the simple to the complex. You are only limited by your imagination.
Online Business Tools

Web based calendars and scheduling, hiring, surveys, recruiting and training systems, internal and customer communication networks are all tools which will improve your organizations efficiency, customer satisfaction and bottom line profitability. .

Before spending thousands of dollars on an off the shelf system that only accomplishes half your task. Contact BizTech for a custom web solution that meets your requirements!